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Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to Mix Prints and Patterns

I used to think that mixing different prints and patterns was taboo. But now I’m starting to realize that when they are done right, they can create gorgeous combinations and make you look incredibly fashionable. Still when it comes to pattern and print mixology I’m a big wus. So I did a little research on how exactly to pull this off and found a few tips worth sharing:
Varying  the scale is Important
Wearing medium/large patterns with small patterns create balance. On the other hand, mixing a bunch of large patterns can make you look wider and combining too many small prints can make your overall appearance look too busy.

Source: viaSteve on Pinterest


Same color family

Your patterns should share the same color scheme. There should be at least one color that creates a strong tie that will unite the whole outfit in harmony.
Source: Bird on Pinterest

Break it up a bit

Breaking your outfit up with a basic, solid color gives you a more balanced and modern look. Adding basic colors is one of the best strategies to wearing prints subtly.

Some prints can be neutrals

Prints like tweed, small houndstooth, black and white or navy blue and white are so classic and understated, they become a neutral and can be topped with a couple of other print pieces.
Source: viaAnne on Pinterest

But I think the best piece of advice (and one I need to follow) is be brave and rock it!
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Wizard of Oz Party Inspiration

So this movie Oz /The Great and Powerful is out in theatres and it inspired me to create this Oz birthday party idea board (based on the original Wizard of Oz movie).

Love this silhouette invitation

Source: via Maryam on Pinterest


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter-Inspired Pastels Wedding Mood Board

I was in the store recently and I felt inspired by all of the beautiful Easter pastel colors to create this wedding inspiration board. Enjoy!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Inexpensive Flower Pot Centerpieces

As fun as throwing parties and entertaining cab be, it can also get expensive. I’m always intrigued by the use relatively inexpensive and ordinary objects to create interesting party décor. Here are some pretty creative uses I found for using flower pots as centerpieces.

For a Thanksgiving centerpiece, these pots were spray painted black and decorated with card stock and felt.
An urn and large dry branches were used to create this amazing Halloween centerpiece, although a flower pot could have been easily substituted.

Flower pots filled with moss were also used to create the bases for these pretty Easter jellybean topiaries.

Hurricane candles surrounded by greenery inside mini flower pots helped bring together this beautifully rustic Christmas centerpiece.


Here they stuck flags and white lollipop sticks with Patriotic cutouts in a metal tub to create this festive 4th of July piece.
A chocolate bouquet was made using chocolate melts and heart and flower shaped molds.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Best Dessert Buffet Ever-Strawberry Shortcake Bar

I’ve been a big fan of dessert/candy buffets for a while now. I’ve combed through hundreds of amazing and meticulously color-coordinated creations; and I even bought dessert buffet guru Amy Atlas’ book. I’ve done several variations of dessert bars for clients and at home—like the ice cream sundae bar I created for my daughter’s last birthday. But this has to be the awesome-est idea I’ve come across so far! The simplicity of it is what really makes this a home run for me. Darn, why didn’t I think of this?!

A huge decorative bowl of strawberries will be the star of the show.

Use traditional toppings and some creative toppings too.

And a sample strawberry shortcake menu is such a nice touch.
I'm totally doing this at my next event!
You can find the tutorial and a list of ingredients on

Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring into Yellow

The color yellow has strong symbolism associated with it. Yellow, as a whole, promotes thoughts of Spring. And after the snow storm we just had a couple of days ago I'm soooo ready for Spring!

Yellow Flowers

The gift of a yellow flower can mean friendship, devotion, joy or even a wish for new beginnings.


Invite Spring in by adding yellow to your wardrobe. Even if you think yellow isn’t your color, it all depends on how your wear it.  You practically can’t go wrong with yellow accessories or shoes.

Yellow at the Office

Yellow is also tied to creative and intelligent thinking. Add this bright and cheery color to your work space to help get motivated and get those creative juices flowing.
Decorating with Yellow

According to Meryl Levin from Real Simple, depending on the amount of red or blue it contains, yellow can have different personalities. Yellows with a red undertone are warm and welcoming, so they’re great on large pieces of furniture and walls. While yellows with a hint of blue can come off as cold, so they’re best used sparingly, on accessories or small furnishings. And pale, buttery yellows function as neutrals and can work just about anywhere. 

So Spring, come on down!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

Even though I'm not Irish per se, I'll use any excuse to throw a party. Check out my party inspiration items for a Sláinte filled St. Patrick's Day Celebration.

There is nothing a little green food coloring can't fix.


What a fun and healthy lunch! That hat is a PB&J Sandwich created by tinting apple jelly with a drop of green food coloring and applying it to the outside of the sandwich with the peanut butter inside.
This lucky spinach quiche was made by molding disposable aluminum pans to look like 4 leaf clovers.

Learn how to make this Shamrock Juice with simple ingredients such as pineapple juice, sparkling lemonade, sparkling white grape juice lime popsicles, & green apples. 
Shamrock Juice

Yummy all green fruit skewers. 

Make your own pot of gold with just a few supplies. The Easter grass is so seasonal this time of year!

Finger Paint is Great!
 Leprechaun         Rainbow
Check out this amazing St. Patrick’s Day Party Table
 Fun with paper.
Even if you're not Irish everyone could use an excuse to smooch :)
Finally, send them off with wishes for a charmed life.

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