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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

Even though I'm not Irish per se, I'll use any excuse to throw a party. Check out my party inspiration items for a Sláinte filled St. Patrick's Day Celebration.

There is nothing a little green food coloring can't fix.


What a fun and healthy lunch! That hat is a PB&J Sandwich created by tinting apple jelly with a drop of green food coloring and applying it to the outside of the sandwich with the peanut butter inside.
This lucky spinach quiche was made by molding disposable aluminum pans to look like 4 leaf clovers.

Learn how to make this Shamrock Juice with simple ingredients such as pineapple juice, sparkling lemonade, sparkling white grape juice lime popsicles, & green apples. 
Shamrock Juice

Yummy all green fruit skewers. 

Make your own pot of gold with just a few supplies. The Easter grass is so seasonal this time of year!

Finger Paint is Great!
 Leprechaun         Rainbow
Check out this amazing St. Patrick’s Day Party Table
 Fun with paper.
Even if you're not Irish everyone could use an excuse to smooch :)
Finally, send them off with wishes for a charmed life.


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