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Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to Mix Prints and Patterns

I used to think that mixing different prints and patterns was taboo. But now I’m starting to realize that when they are done right, they can create gorgeous combinations and make you look incredibly fashionable. Still when it comes to pattern and print mixology I’m a big wus. So I did a little research on how exactly to pull this off and found a few tips worth sharing:
Varying  the scale is Important
Wearing medium/large patterns with small patterns create balance. On the other hand, mixing a bunch of large patterns can make you look wider and combining too many small prints can make your overall appearance look too busy.

Source: viaSteve on Pinterest


Same color family

Your patterns should share the same color scheme. There should be at least one color that creates a strong tie that will unite the whole outfit in harmony.
Source: Bird on Pinterest

Break it up a bit

Breaking your outfit up with a basic, solid color gives you a more balanced and modern look. Adding basic colors is one of the best strategies to wearing prints subtly.

Some prints can be neutrals

Prints like tweed, small houndstooth, black and white or navy blue and white are so classic and understated, they become a neutral and can be topped with a couple of other print pieces.
Source: viaAnne on Pinterest

But I think the best piece of advice (and one I need to follow) is be brave and rock it!
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