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Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring into Yellow

The color yellow has strong symbolism associated with it. Yellow, as a whole, promotes thoughts of Spring. And after the snow storm we just had a couple of days ago I'm soooo ready for Spring!

Yellow Flowers

The gift of a yellow flower can mean friendship, devotion, joy or even a wish for new beginnings.


Invite Spring in by adding yellow to your wardrobe. Even if you think yellow isn’t your color, it all depends on how your wear it.  You practically can’t go wrong with yellow accessories or shoes.

Yellow at the Office

Yellow is also tied to creative and intelligent thinking. Add this bright and cheery color to your work space to help get motivated and get those creative juices flowing.
Decorating with Yellow

According to Meryl Levin from Real Simple, depending on the amount of red or blue it contains, yellow can have different personalities. Yellows with a red undertone are warm and welcoming, so they’re great on large pieces of furniture and walls. While yellows with a hint of blue can come off as cold, so they’re best used sparingly, on accessories or small furnishings. And pale, buttery yellows function as neutrals and can work just about anywhere. 

So Spring, come on down!


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