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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Diet Suicide Victim

I’m participating in a biggest looser contest at my job where the winner takes home a $120 pot of money. That’s not really why I’m dieting, I’m always trying to lose weight, the money is just a nice incentive. But this afternoon, after my 280-calorie healthy choice lunch, I got the hankering for smoothing sweet (nothing new). Since I had to drop something off in the basement (which is where the snack machines are) I took my wallet with me and stopped by the snack machine on the way back to my office.

Now I know snack machines are usually not a dieter’s friend. But I’ve been tracking my food intake carefully and I knew I’d had a light caloric breakfast and lunch so I figured I could spare a sweet snack. Standing in front of the snack machine (Jeopardy tune playing in my head) it all came down to Peanut M&M’s or a honey bun. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions! Went for the honeybun…it’s been a long time since I had one. Got to my desk and about half way through the honey bun I look on the back at the nutritional info and daaaaayyyuuum! 590 freakin’ calories!!!! I mean c’mon!

It’s not like I didn’t know honey buns weren’t healthy but Geez Louise…I could’ve had a big mac and some fries (or even peanut M&Ms which by the way were $0.10 more than the jumbo calorie bomb I ate but that’s a whole other subject). Of course I didn’t see that it was a jumbo honey bun when I bought it; it looked regular sized to me (but maybe that’s just cause I’m greedy). Well, like I said, I was only half way done with it but after the initial shock I was so disappointed in myself already that I just scarfed down the rest of it along with my guilt. I kinda understand how bulimics feel because I wanted to get it out of me so badly…but I hate the feeling of vomiting, that plus I’m already overweight so no sense in starting yet another issue I will just have to overcome.  I just want to say:
Dear Mrs. Freshley’s Honey Bun people,
Diet Suicide Victim


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