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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Coupon Organization

Have you made resolutions to be smarter about money matters in 2013? I know I have. One of the little habits I want to adopt is using coupons to save money on groceries. But one thing I’ve learned about New Year’s resolutions is that you gotta start small and keep it manageable otherwise your enthusiasm and good intentions tend to fizzle out before Valentine’s Day.
While I don’t want to become a serious couponer, I do want to find a way to stay motivated to clip, organize and remember my coupons at the store. I think if I had an effective organization system for coupons, I would be much more likely to use them before they expire and be able to find what I need quickly at checkout. So I started looking up information about couponing and thought I'd share some pretty nifty coupon organizers I came across.

Here is a coupon organizer that clips to your grocery cart for super easy access. It comes in different colors and patterns.

The Couponizer features a handy coupon stacker which helps make organizing coupons fast and easy.
Now this looks like a serious coupon organizer. Labels, color coding, pockets, calculator…the works! 

This Coupon Clutch is really a 2″ three ring coupon binder in disguise to look like a designer tote.

These colorful organization labels by InktreePress are great to help keep everything neat, and best of all they’re free!
Do you have good couponing tips or know of any great couponing blogs. Share your links.
Looking forward to saving money in 2013!


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