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My name is Merlyn but people call me Mimi and I love celebrations of any and every kind. Whether big or small, fancy or simple planned or unplanned—I’m always looking for a reason to throw a party! So often we forget that the simple act of waking up every morning is a small miracle in of itself. I believe we should take every occasion, milestone and opportunity that life gives us and find a reason to CELEBRATE IT!
In this blog I’ll be sharing my love for celebrations and everything that goes into making a great one: from event design and styling, planning, DIY projects, food and entertainment. In addition, since studies have shown that writing about life’s ups and downs often result in improvements in both physical and psychological health (and who couldn’t use a little of that); I will also be dedicating part of this blog to write about my crazy life, daily happenings, random thoughts, product reviews, pet peeves and anything else that strikes my fancy. Oh, and just so you can say you learned something from reading my blog (in case you didn't already know) I'll be throwing some Spanglish and Urban Slang in my posts occasionally...just to keep it interesting and because I'm a little off kilter. Ha!

Life itself is a celebration, and I’m trying to find my everyday reasons to rejoice in it! 

Fun Facts about me in numerical order:
1—great man in my life who will hopefully one day be a great husband. My honey boo-boo.
2—the number of degrees I have.
3—the number of grandparents I still have alive…super blessed, I know!
4—my age when I came to this country from Cuba.
5— the number of jobs I have. I work full time as an Office Manager, part-time in a Fertility Clinic, I teach Zumba once a week, I do wedding/event planning on the side and now I write this blog! Hey Mon! lol
6—geese a-laying? Sorry couldn’t think of anything with a 6! I’ll keep that as a placeholder for now until I come up with something.
7—my lucky/favorite number.
8—the number of months left before my next birthday as of this month (it’s November).
9—the age of my smart, beautiful and energetic daughter Leilani (who also goes by Lani, Leily, Lans or L-boogie).
10—feet is the distance between my house and my mother’s house; she lives next door!


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