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Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Inspiration Board-Sophisticated Rustic

For my holiday decorating this Christmas I’m going for a sophisticated rustic look. What is Sophisticated Rustic you ask? Well, check out my inspiration board below for my take on what it looks like. A variety of natural, woodsy elements give it a “rustic” feel and a bit of gold or sparkle here and there for the “sophisticated” part and voila!

Check back with me throughout the month as I share photos and DIY tutorials of how I’m bringing Rustic Sophistication to life in my holiday décor.

Fluffy Tail Squirrel Ornaments,  Shimmering Stones Centerpiece, Christmas Tree, Birch Bark Candles, Gilded Pear BasketChristmas Log, Cookie Mix GiftLinen Poinsettia Garland, Cream Berry Wreath.   


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