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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Treat Of The Week-Blueberry and Apple Pies

Well, in this case it’s more like treats of the week. I had some leftover pie crust from Thanksgiving. I cheated a little and used Pillsbury Refridgerated Pie Crust, but the pies came out amazing nonetheless. I used this recipe from for the blueberry pie filling. What I liked the most was that it wasn’t overly sweet and you could really taste the blueberries. I actually used frozen blueberries since fresh ones are a little hard to find this time of year. Could NOT taste the difference! I didn’t tell anybody about the frozen berries and everyone commented on how “fresh” the pie tasted.

I made apple pie tarts for Thanksgiving and used that same recipe for my apple pie filling below. The only thing I changed from the recipe was that I used a regular pie mold instead of a muffin pan. I also let the filling and spices macerate in the fridge overnight which really helped all the flavors blend together. A star-shaped cookie cutter helped make the top crust.
Tip: Place foil around the edges of the pie to keep the edges from burning if the middle needs to cook a little longer.
Both recipes were really pretty simple and muy delicioso!


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