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Friday, December 28, 2012

Tips for A Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve isn’t traditionally the most family-centric holiday. But if you are tasked with hosting a  family-friendly NYE party this year, here are some tips to help you cater to folks of all ages.
First, always check with your neighbors about any noise and parking issues that might arise. Second, make sure you have plenty of food, drinks and entertainment for everyone.
Finger food and appetizers work really well for NYE parties since they usually start after dinner time and go on late into the night. Make sure you have some non-alcoholic beverages and coffee available for those that need it. Sparkling apple cider is a great option to serve so kids and others that don’t drink alcohol can feel included.  Remember that as a host(ess) you are not only responsible for your guests’ safety during the party, but after they leave your party as well. Never let an intoxicated person drive home and always have the number of a local cab company handy, a designated driver on standby, and a place where someone can crash for the night.
Family-friendly party themes include:

Round the Campfire—if the weather is nice set up some outdoor tents, make smores, hot cocoa, play outdoor games, burn sparklers or set off fireworks.
Family game night—set up different “game stations” throughout the house…casino games for the adults, board games for the kids and team games like charades.

For the kids:
Arts and crafts—do you have old magazines laying around? You can have children make a collage by cutting out some of the things they have enjoyed over the past year. Check out this article for more ideas on kid-friendly NYE crafts.
Moon Bounce—if the weather is nice consider renting a moon bounce. Kids can have hours of fun on these things and expend a lot of excitable energy (hint, hint).
Pajama Party—babies, young children, and some older adults won't make it to midnight. Have a quiet comfortable place for them to wind down. You can also have kids bring their pajamas, blankets, pillows and stuffed animals and create a  sleepover theme.
Kids always need to be supervised. Having a teenager or older child oversee the childrens' activities can make him or her feel more involved. Make sure an adult pops in from time to check up on everybody.
For Teens:

If you have a bunch of teens at your party consider hosting a black light dance party with plenty of music, glow sticks, and snacks. Make sure your teen and other partygoers understand the household rules that will need to be abided by and check up on them from time to time.
Karaoke can also work well for this age group.

An arcade/gamer party would be another popular option for teen-friendly activities.

Don’t forget to gussie up the house with NYE-themed decorations and provide blowers, hats, and other fun party favors to get everyone in a festive mood.

Stay tuned for my next post about NYE party theme ideas…


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